STSW-STM32137:STM32072B-EVAL demonstration firmware

The STM32072B-EVAL demonstration firmware is running on the STM32072B-EVAL evaluation board, which can be used to evaluate the capabilities of the STM32F072VBT6 microcontroller and on-board peripherals.

It contains many applications that can easily be reused. Refer to user manual UM1687 for full description of the STM32072B-EVAL demonstration firmware.

Key Features

  • Dual interface (I2C and RF) EEPROM application (ESL and DataLogger)
  • Infrared RC5 and SIRC receiver and transmitter
  • RTC calendar
  • File system FAT implementation on SDCard
  • Wave player using STM32 DAC peripheral
  • Voice recording
  • Touch sense controller (TSC)
  • Low power modes
  • Temperature sensor interfacing
Product Specifications
DB2252: STM32072B-EVAL demonstration firmware1.0120 KB
User Manuals
UM1687: STM32072B-EVAL demonstration firmware1.14 MB
License Agreement
SLA0048: Mix Liberty + OSS + 3rd- party V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT2.18112 KB
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Part NumberSoftware VersionSupplier
STM32072B-EVAL demonstration firmware STSW-STM32137
STM32072B-EVAL demonstration firmware STSW-STM32137
Mix Liberty + OSS + 3rd- party V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT STSW-STM32019