STTH812:Ultrafast recovery -1200 V diode

The high quality design of this diode has produced a device with low leakage current, regularly reproducible characteristics and intrinsic ruggedness. These characteristics make it ideal for heavy duty applications that demand long term reliability.

Such demanding applications include industrial power supplies, motor control, and similar mission-critical systems that require rectification and freewheeling. These diodes also fit into auxiliary functions such as snubber, bootstrap, and demagnetization applications.

The improved performance in low leakage current, and therefore thermal runaway guard band, is an immediate competitive advantage for this device.

Key Features

  • Insulated packages:\t\tTO-220Ins Electrical insulation = 2500 VRMS Capacitance = 7 pF\t\tTO-220FPAC Electrical insulation = 2000 VRMS Capacitance = 12 pF\t\t
  • Ultrafast, soft recovery
  • High frequency and/or high pulsed current operation
  • Very low conduction and switching losses
  • High junction temperature
  • High reverse voltage capability
Product Specifications
DS4650: Ultrafast recovery - 1200 V diode1.2141 KB
Technical Notes & Articles
TN1173: Packing information for IPAD™, protection, rectifiers, thyristors and AC Switches4.0330 KB
HW Model & CAD Libraries
800 V, 1000 V, 1200 V ultrafast diode PSpice models (.lib & .olb)4.036 KB
Selection Guides
Diodes and rectifiers selection guide2.0815 KB
Brochure Power management guide05.20164 MB
Products and solutions for solar energy1.01 MB
Software Development Tools
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ST-DIODE-FINDERSTDiode product finder application for Android and iOS
Sample & Buy
Part NumberUnit Price (US$) *QuantityPackagePacking TypeJunction Temperature (°C) (max)ECCN (EU)ECCN (US)Country of Origin
STTH812DI1.031000TO-220AC InsTube175NECEAR99CHINA
STTH812G-TR0.8881000D2PAKTape And Reel175NECEAR99CHINA
Quality & Reliability
Part NumberPackageGradeRoHS Compliance GradeMaterial Declaration**
STTH812DITO-220AC InsIndustrialEcopack2md_ur-wspc-do-wspc-220-wspc-ab-wspc-isol_hzur-wspc-i79r01g.pdf
Ultrafast recovery - 1200 V diode STTH812
Packing information for IPAD™, protection, rectifiers, thyristors and AC Switches FLC21
Packing information for IPAD™, protection, rectifiers, thyristors and AC Switches STTH15S12
Packing information for IPAD™, protection, rectifiers, thyristors and AC Switches STTH15S12
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md_ur-wspc-do-wspc-220-wspc-ab-wspc-isol_hzur-wspc-i79r01g.pdf STTH812
md_ur-wspc-do-wspc-220-wspc-ab-wspc-isol_hzur-wspc-i79r01g.xml STTH812
md_uv-wspc-to-wspc-220-wspc-isol-wspc-full-wspc-pack-wspc-0.5-wspc-ac-2l_htuvi79r01g-wspc-(sstth812fp)-wspc-wcp-wspc-ver2.xml STTH812
md_dk-wspc-do-wspc-220_hsdk-wspc-i79r01g.pdf STTH812
md_dk-wspc-do-wspc-220_hsdk-wspc-i79r01g.xml STTH812