TAP-KNX-KAIStack:KNX home automation for STM8 and STM32, from Tapko Technologies GMBH

Embedded system designs that employ KAIStack and the ultra-low-power platform for 8-bit (STM8L) and 32-bit (STM32) MCUs from STMicroelectronics gain access to the powerful, yet easy-to-use technology platform KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) for KNX enabled bus devices.

STM32L and STM8L ultra-low-power devices combine high computing performance with energy saving. This architecture provides functions like POR, BOE+PDV, IWDG, RTC, LSE with automatic clock gating, Flash memory power off with fast resume to decrease power consumption. It supports operating voltages as low as 1,8V. Additional security and safety functions complement the application scope including on-chip memory protection, CRC32, dual watchdog and anti-tamper.

KAIStack is the main software component of KAI and provides the complete functionality needed for KNX devices.


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Key Features

  • KAIStack KNX protocol stack with all elements required by the KNX standard. Certified in several configurations
  • Rapid product prototyping with support for different media
  • STM8L and STM32 supported
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