TARA-Embd-Wizard:Embedded Wizard graphic framework for STM32

The Embedded Wizard (TARA-Embd-Wizard) is a TARA Systems embedded GUI technology, a solution that enables the creation of sophisticated graphical user interfaces for microcontrollers, even for the ones with limited resources.

The GUI development is speed-up with the use of the Embedded Wizard’s WYSIWYG editing facility, instant prototyping, simulating and debugging on PC without compiling, linking and flashing to the target MCU.

The Embedded Wizard generates pure ANSI-C source code with no further dependencies on any other software stacks or components. The created GUI runs on bare metal or with any RTOS (real-time operating system).

There is an option of an optimized UI (user interface) performance by utilizing the Chrom-ART graphics accelerator™ (when available).

The Embedded Wizard supports the creation of GUIs that features localization, internationalization, various styles and a variety of different screen resolutions, all this with just one GUI project. This is enabled with full OOP (object-oriented programming) variants and UNICODE support.

The user can start a new GUI project quickly and easily with ready-to-use widgets, templates and examples.

TARA Systems’ Embedded Wizard also allows the creation of GUIs for other non-embedded systems, enabling the user to perform user acceptance testing with a Windows®, a web or native mobile application for example.

This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For the latest information on the specifications, please refer to the third party's website http://www.embedded-wizard.de.

Key Features

  • Highly optimized ANSI-C code generation process based on a comfortable WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing
  • Achieve an extremely low memory-footprint by supporting multiple color formats and depths such as RGBA8888, RGBA4444, Index8 and 4bit gray-scale
  • Adaptive palettes (CLUT) for Index8 color format
  • Access bitmaps and string resources directly from Flash memory in order to achieve a lowest RAM consumption (for example for systems using only SRAM)
  • Capability to generate the GUI (graphical user interface) application with a differing screen orientation than the physical framebuffer or display while keeping the same performance. There is no additional software or hardware rotation operation involved during runtime
  • Highly optimized graphics engine that update only the necessary areas ('dirty rectangles'), drawing only effectively visible objects and dismissing all invisible or concealed objects
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