winIDEA-STM32:iSYSTEM's complete software development and test solution for the STM32 MCUs

winIDEA is an integrated development environment (IDE) inter-operable with all iSYSTEM and selected third party hardware, like the ST-Link.

winIDEA is an open platform complemented by the isystem.connect API, which allows external applications to remotely control the iSYSTEM software/hardware and to record data from the target system while the application is running.

This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For the latest information on the specification, refer to the third party’s website

Key Features

  • Editor, project and build manager supporting all major compilers
  • High level debugger
  • Program and data flow analysis tools, performance measurement tools (with accuracy down to functional level) and code coverage analysis provide all necessary features to develop safety-critical applications
  • Display of significant data/events such as special function registers, external signals (digital/analog), task switches, IRQs, power consumption
  • RTOS-aware debugging
  • Inter-operable with a wide range of tools through isystem.connect API
  • Multicore architecture supported
  • Eclipse integration
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