TC55V328AJ-15 SOJ-28封装 ,SRAM 32K*8

TC55V328AJ-15 芯片外包装图

The TC55V328AJ-15 is a 262,144 bits high speed static random access memory organized as 32,768 words by 8 bits using CMOStechnology, and operated from a single 3.3-volt supply. Toshiba’s CMOS technology and advanced circuit form provide low voltage operation and high speed feature. TC55V328AJ-15

The TC55V328AJ-15 has low power feature with device control using Chip Enable (CE) and has an Output Enable Input (OE) forfast memory access. The TC55V328AJ-15 is suitable for use in cache memory where high speed is required, and high speed storage.

All inputs and outputs are LVTTL compatible.

The TC55V328AJ-15 is packaged in a 28-pin standard SOJ with 300mil width for high density surface assembly.

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