RF 肖特基峰值检波器

型号FeaturesMin FrequencyMax FrequencyMin DetectMax DetectDynamic RangeSupply Voltage RangePackages
LTC5564On-Chip 9ns Fast Comparator, 75MHz Demodulation BW, 6ns Response Time60015000-2416403V to 5.5V3x3 QFN-16
LTC5532EDC12 GHz, w/ Gain + VOS Adj30012000-3210422.7V to 6V2x2 DFN-6
LTC5533Dual, Shutdown, VOS Adj30011000-3212442.7Vto 6V4x3 DFN-12
LTC55087GHz, w/ Shutdown3007000-3212442.7V to 6VSC-70,SOT-23
LTC5530Precision w/ Shutdown, Gain Adj3007000-3210422.7V to 6VSOT-23
LTC5531Precision w/ Shutdown, VOS Adj3007000-3210422.7V to 6VSOT-23
LTC5532ES6Precision w/ Gain + VOS Adj3007000-3210422.7V to 6VSOT-23
LTC553512MHz Demodulation BW, Gain + VOS Adj6007000-3210422.7V to 5.5VSOT-23
LTC55367GHz Detector + Fast Comparator6007000-2612382.7V to 5.5VSOT-23
LTC5505-2Low Cost3003500-3212442.7V to 6VSOT-23
LTC5505-1Low Cost, High Signal Level3003000-2818462.7V to 6VSOT-23
LTC5509No Compression3003000-306382.7V to 6VSC-70
LTC5507Low Frequency Peak Detector0.11000-3214462.7V to 6VSOT-23