LTC1390 - 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer with Serial Interface

The LTC®1390 is a high performance CMOS 8-to-1 analog multiplexer. It features a 3-wire digital interface with a bidirectional data retransmission feature, allowing it to be wired in series with a serial A/D converter while using only one serial port. The interface also allows several LTC1390s to be wired in series or parallel, increasing the number of MUX channels available using only a single digital port. All the above features are also valid when LTC1390 operates as a demultiplexer such as with a D/A converter.

The LTC1390 features a typical RON of 45 Ohm, typical switch leakage of 50pA, and guaranteed break-before-make operation. Charge injection is ±10pC maximum. All digital inputs are TTL and CMOS compatible when operated from single or dual supplies. The inputs can withstand 100mA fault currents.

The LTC1390 is available in 16-pin PDIP and narrow SO packages.

  • 3-Wire Serial Digital Interface
  • Data Retransmission Allows Series Connection with Serial A/D Converters
  • Single 3V to ±5V Supply Operation
  • Analog Inputs May Extend to Supply Rails
  • Low Charge Injection
  • Low RON: 75 Ohm Max
  • Low Leakage: ±5nA Max
  • Guaranteed Break-Before-Make
  • TTL/CMOS Compatible for All Digital Inputs
  • Cascadable to Allow Additional Channels
  • Can be used as a Demultiplexer
Typical Application

  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Signal Multiplexing/Demultiplexing
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