LTC201A - Micropower, Low Charge Injection, Quad CMOS Analog Switches

The LTC®201A, LTC202, and LTC203 are micropower, quad CMOS analog switches which typically dissipate only 250µW from ±15V supplies and 40µW from a single 5V supply. The switches have 65 Ohm typical on resistance and a very high off resistance. A break-before-make characteristic, inherent in these switches, prevents the shorting of two channels. With a supply voltage of ±15V, the signal range is ±15V. These switches have special charge compensation circuitry which greatly reduces charge injection to a maximum of ±25pC (±15V supplies).

The LTC201A, LTC202, and LTC203 are designed for applications such as programmable gain amplifiers, analog multiplexers, sample-and-hold circuits, precision charge switching and remote switching. These three devices are differentiated by the type of switch action, as shown in the logic table.

  • Micropower Operation
  • Single 5V or ±15V Supply Operation
  • Low Charge Injection
  • Low RON
  • Low Leakage
  • Guaranteed Break Before Make
  • Latch Resistant Design
  • TTL/CMOS Compatible
  • Improved Second Source for DG201A/DG202
Typical Application
  • Supply Current: 1+=40µA, 1-=5µA Max.
  • Charge Injection (±15V Supplies) ±25pC Max. (Single 5V Supply) 2pC Typ.
  • RON 65ohms Typ.
  • Signal Range: ±15V
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