LTC1859 - 8-Channel, 16-Bit, 100ksps SoftSpan A/D Converters with Shutdown

An onboard high performance sample-and-hold and precision reference minimize external components. The low 40mW power dissipation is made even more attractive with two user selectable power shutdown modes. DC specifications include ±3LSB INL for the LTC1859, ±1.5LSB INL for the LTC1858 and ±1LSB for the LTC1857.

The internal clock is trimmed for 5µs maximum conversion time and the sampling rate is guaranteed at 100ksps. A separate convert start input and data ready signal (BUSY) ease connections to FIFOs, DSPs and microprocessors.

  • Sample Rate: 100ksps
  • 8-Channel Multiplexer with ±25V Protection
  • Single 5V Supply
  • Software-Programmable Input Ranges: 0V to 5V, 0V to 10V, ±5V or ±10V Single Ended or Differential
  • ±3LSB INL for the LTC1859, ±1.5LSB INL for the
  • LTC1858, ±1LSB INL for the LTC1857
  • Power Dissipation: 40mW (Typ)
  • SPI/MICROWIRETM Compatible Serial I/O
  • Power Shutdown: Nap and Sleep
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 87dB (Typ) for the LTC1859
  • Operates with Internal or External Reference
  • Internal Synchronized Clock
  • 28-Pin SSOP Package
Typical Application

  • Industrial Process Control
  • Multiplexed Data Acquisition Systems
  • High Speed Data Acquisition for PCs
  • Digital Signal Processing
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DC682ALTC1859CG Demo Board | 8-Channel, 16-Bit, 100ksps SoftSpan ADC (req DC2026)$50.00
Companion Boards
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DC2026CLinduino One Isolated USB Demo Board: An Arduino- and QuikEval-Compatible Code Development Platform$75.00
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