LTC1856 - 8-Channel, ±10V Input 16-Bit, 100ksps ADC Converter with Shutdown

The LTC1854/LTC1855/LTC1856 are 8-channel, low power, 12-/14-/16-bit, 100ksps, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). These ADCs operate from a single 5V supply and the 8-channel multiplexer can be programmed for single-ended inputs, pairs of differential inputs, or combinations of both. In addition, all channels are fault protected to ±30V. A fault condition on any channel will not affect the conversion result of the selected channel.

An onboard precision reference minimizes external components. Power dissipation is 40mW at 100ksps and lower in two power shutdown modes (27.5mW in Nap mode and 40mW in Sleep mode.) DC specifications include ±3LSB INL for the LTC1856, ±1.5LSB INL for the LTC1855 and ±1LSB for the LTC1854.

The internal clock is trimmed for 5ms maximum conversion time and the sampling rate is guaranteed at 100ksps. A separate convert start input and data ready signal (BUSY) ease connections to FIFOs, DSPs and microprocessors.

  • Single 5V Supply
  • Sample Rate: 100ksps
  • 8-Channel Multiplexer with ±30V Protection
  • ±10V Bipolar Input Range   Single Ended or Differential
  • ±3LSB INL for the LTC1856, ±1.5LSB INL for the LTC1855, ±1LSB INL for the LTC1854
  • Power Dissipation: 40mW (Typ)
  • SPI/MICROWIRETM Compatible Serial I/O
  • Power Shutdown: Nap and Sleep
  • SINAD: 87dB (LTC1856)
  • Operates with Internal or External Reference
  • Internal Synchronized Clock
  • 28-Pin SSOP Package
Typical Application

  • Industrial Process Control
  • Multiplexed Data Acquisition Systems
  • High Speed Data Acquisition for PCs
  • Digital Signal Processing
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DC682ALTC1859CG Demo Board | 8-Channel, 16-Bit, 100ksps SoftSpan ADC (req DC2026)$50.00
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DC2026CLinduino One Isolated USB Demo Board: An Arduino- and QuikEval-Compatible Code Development Platform$75.00
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