LTC2372-18 - 18-Bit, 500ksps, 8-Channel SAR ADC with 100dB SNR

The LTC®2372-18 is a low noise, high speed, 8-channel 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. Operating from a single 5V supply, the LTC2372-18 has a highly configurable, low crosstalk 8-channel input multiplexer, supporting fully differential, pseudo-differential unipolar and pseudo-differential bipolar analog input ranges. The LTC2372-18 achieves ±2.75LSB INL (maximum) in all input ranges, no missing codes at 18-bits and 100dB (fully differential)/ 95dB (pseudo-differential) SNR (typical).

The LTC2372-18 has an onboard low drift (20ppm/°C max) 2.048V temperature-compensated reference and a singleshot capable reference buffer. The LTC2372-18 also has a high speed SPI-compatible serial interface that supports 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V logic through which a sequencer with a depth of 16 may be programmed. An internal oscillator sets the conversion time, easing external timing considerations. The LTC2372-18 dissipates only 27mW and automatically naps between conversions, leading to reduced power dissipation that scales with the sampling rate. A sleep mode is also provided to reduce the power consumption of the LTC2372-18 to 300μW for further power savings during inactive periods.

  • 500ksps Throughput Rate
  • 18-Bit Resolution with No Missing Codes
  • 8-Channel Multiplexer with Selectable Input Range
  • Fully Differential (±4.096V)
  • Pseudo-Differential Unipolar (0V to 4.096V)
  • Pseudo-Differential Bipolar (±2.048V)
  • INL: ±2.75LSB (Maximum)
  • SNR: 100dB (Fully Differential)/95dB (Pseudo-
  • Differential) (Typical) at fIN = 1kHz
  • THD: –110dB (Typical) at fIN = 1kHz
  • Programmable Sequencer
  • Selectable Digital Gain Compression
  • Single 5V Supply with 1.8V to 5V I/O Voltages
  • SPI-Compatible Serial I/O
  • Onboard 2.048V Reference and Reference Buffer
  • No Pipeline Delay, No Cycle Latency
  • Power Dissipation 27mW (Typical)
  • Guaranteed Operation to 125°C
  • 32-Lead 5mm × 5mm QFN Package
Typical Application
LTC2372-18 Typical Application
LTC2372-18 Typical Application
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Industrial Process Control
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Portable or Compact Instrumentation
  • ATE
LTC2372-18 Package Drawing
Order Information
Part NumberPackageTempPrice(1-99)Price (1k)*
LTC2372CUH-18#PBF5x5 QFN-32C$18.50$12.95
LTC2372CUH-18#TRPBF5x5 QFN-32C$18.56$13.01
LTC2372HUH-18#PBF5x5 QFN-32H$24.47$17.13
LTC2372HUH-18#TRPBF5x5 QFN-32H$24.53$17.19
LTC2372IUH-18#PBF5x5 QFN-32I$21.28$14.89
LTC2372IUH-18#TRPBF5x5 QFN-32I$21.34$14.95
Demo Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC2071A-BLTC2372-18 Demo Board | 18-Bit, 500ksps, 8-Channel SAR ADC with 100dB SNR (req DC590, DC2026 or DC890$150.00
Companion Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC2026CLinduino One Isolated USB Demo Board: An Arduino- and QuikEval-Compatible Code Development Platform$75.00
DC590BIsolated USB Serial Controller for Linear Technology QuikEval-Compatible Demo Boards$50.00
DC890BUSB Data Acquisition Controller, for PScope Evaluation Kits (up to 250Mbps, CMOS/LVDS)$300.00
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