LTC2424 - 4-/8-Channel 20-Bit µPower No Latency Delta-Sigma ADC

The converters accept any external reference voltage from 0.1V to VCC. With their extended input conversion range of -12.5% VREF to 112.5% VREF (VREF = FSSET - ZSSET) the LTC2424/LTC2428 smoothly resolve the offset and overrange problems of preceding sensors or signal conditioning circuits.

The LTC2424/LTC2428 communicate through a flexible 4-wire digital interface which is compatible with SPI and MICROPOWER protocols.

  • Pin Compatible 4-/8-Channel 20-Bit ADCs
  • 8ppm INL, No Missing Codes at 20 Bits
  • 4ppm Full-Scale Error and 0.5ppm Offset
  • 1.2ppm Noise
  • Digital Filter Settles in a Single Cycle. Each Conversion is Accurate, Even After Changing Channels
  • Fast Mode: 16-Bit Noise, 12-Bit TUE at 100sps
  • Internal Oscillator—No External Components Required
  • 110dB Min, 50Hz/60Hz Notch Filter
  • Reference Input Voltage: 0.1V to VCC
  • Live Zero—Extended Input Range Accommodates 12.5% Overrange and Underrange
  • Single Supply 2.7V to 5.5V Operation
  • Low Supply Current (200µA) and Auto Shutdown
  • Can Be Interchanged with 24-Bit LTC2404/LTC2408 if ZSSET Pin is Grounded
Typical Application

  • Weight Scales
  • Direct Temperature Measurement
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Strain-Gage Transducers
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Industrial Process Control
  • 4-Digit DVMs

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