Protection and Control

MAX1608Octal SMBus-to-Parallel I/O Expanders20000503
MAX1609Octal SMBus-to-Parallel I/O Expanders20000503
MAX48208-Channel Cascadable Relay Driver with serial interface20021016
MAX48218-Channel Cascadable Relay Driver with parallel interface20021016
MAX4822+3.3V/+5V 8-Channel Relay Drivers with Fast Recovery time and Power Save20050201
MAX4823+3.3V/+5V 8-Channel Cascadable Relay Driver20050201
MAX4824+3.3V/+5V 8-Channel Cascadable Relay Driver with Parallel Interface and Power-Save20050201
MAX4825+3.3V/+5V 8-Channel Cascadable Relay Driver with Parallel Interface20050201
MAX4896Space-Saving 8-Channel Relay/Load Driver20060313