IF Amplifiers / ADC Drivers

型号Channels-3dB BW-1dB BW70dBc IM3 BW80dBc IM3 BW90dBc IM3 BWGain RangePackages
LTC6430A-15120 to 200020 to 15001500120038015.1dB4x4 QFN-24
LTC6430B-15120 to 200020 to 15001500120030015.1dB4x4 QFN-24
LTC6431-20120 to 170020 to 1500100050024020.8dB4x4 QFN-24
LTC6431A-15120 to 170020 to 1500100050024015.5dB4x4 QFN-24
LTC6431B-15120 to 170020 to 1500100050015.5dB4x4 QFN-24
LTC641711600DC to 500300140500dB3x4 QFN-20
LTC6420-202DC to 180010002501405020dB3x4 QFN-20
LTC6400-261DC to 19007002301402026dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6400-201DC to 1800100022016011020dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6400-141DC to 18006002001307014dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC64091DC to 1000Up to 10002001801300 to 523x2 QFN-10
LTC6400-81DC to 2200600190130708dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6401-141DC to 2000700140705V/V3x3 QFN-16
LTC6401-81DC to 2200600140808dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6401-201DC to 13003201205020dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6421-202DC to 130030001205020dB3x4 QFN-20
LTC6401-261DC to 1600600901526dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6410-61DC to 140040070306dB3x3 QFN-16
LT1993-101DC to 70010065422020dB3x3 QFN-16
LT1993-41DC to 80010065422012dB3x3 QFN-16
LT1993-21DC to 5001006040206dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC64051DC to 8002004030190 to 263x3 QFN-16,MS-8
LTC64061DC to 800Up to 2004020120 to 263x3 QFN-16,MS-8
LT6402-201DC to 30010035262020dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6404-41DC to 530100302010>12dB3x3 QFN-16
LT6402-121DC to 3001002820812dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6404-21DC to 6001002520126 to 12dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6404-11DC to 6002002012100 to 6dB3x3 QFN-16
LT6402-61DC to 30010018126dB3x3 QFN-16
LTC6403-11DC to 12010011950 to 40dB3x3 QFN-16
LT19941DC to 7040321.80 to >203x3 DFN-8,MS-8
LTC6430A-20120 to 206020.8dB4x4 QFN-24
LTC6433-1512000100015.9dB4x4 QFN-24