LTC1040 - Dual Micropower Comparator

The LTC™1040 is a monolithic CMOS dual comparator manufactured using Linear Technology’s enhanced LTCMOS® silicon gate process. Extremely low operating power levels are achieved by internally switching the comparator ON for short periods of time. The CMOS output logic holds the output information continuously while not consuming any power.

In addition to switching power ON, a switched output is provided to drive external loads during the comparator’s active time. This allows not only low comparator power, but low total system power.

Sampling is controlled by an external strobe input or an internal oscillator. The oscillator frequency is set by an external RC network.

Each comparator has a unique input structure, giving two differential inputs. The output of the comparator will be high if the algebraic sum of the inputs is positive and low if the algebraic sum of the inputs is negative.

  • Micropower1.5µW (1 Sample/Second)
  • Power Supply FlexibilitySingle Supply 2.8V to 16VSplit Supply ±2.8V to ±8V
  • Guaranteed Max Offset 0.75mV
  • Guaranteed Max Tracking Error Between Input Pairs ± 0.1%
  • Input Common Mode Range to Both Supply Rails
  • TTL/CMOS Compatible with ±5V or Single 5V Supply
  • Input Errors are Stable with Time and Temperature
Typical Application
LTC1040 Typical Application
LTC1040 Typical Application
  • Battery Powered Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Window Comparator
  • BANG-BANG Controllers
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