LTC1064-1 - Low Noise, 8th Order, Clock Sweepable Elliptic Lowpass Filter

The LTC®1064-1 is an 8th order, clock sweepable elliptic (Cauer) lowpass switched capacitor filter. The passband ripple is typically ±0.15dB, and the stopband attenuation at 1.5 times the cutoff frequency is 68dB or more.

An external TTL or CMOS clock programs the value of the filter?s cutoff frequency. The clock to cutoff frequency ratio is 100:1.

No external components are needed for cutoff frequencies up to 20kHz. For cutoff frequencies over 20kHz two low value capacitors are required to maintain passband flatness. The LTC1064-1 features low wideband noise and low harmonic distortion even for input voltages up to 3VRMS. In fact the LTC1064-1 overall performance completes with equivalent multiple op amp RC active realizations.

The LTC1064-1 is available in a 14-pin DIP or 16-pin surface mounted SW package.

The LTC1064-1 is pin compatible with the LTC1064-2.

  • 8th Order Filter in a 14-Pin Package
  • No External Components
  • 100:1 Clock to Center Ratio
  • 150µVRMS Total Wideband Noise
  • 0.03% THD or Better
  • 50kHz Maximum Corner Frequency
  • Operates from ±2.37V to ±8V Power Supplies
  • Passband Ripple Guaranteed Over Full Military Temperature Range
Typical Application
LTC1064-1 Typical Application
LTC1064-1 Typical Application
  • Antialiasing Filters
  • Telecom PCM Filters
LTC1064-1 Package Drawing
LTC1064-1 Package Drawing
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