LTC1064-2 - Low Noise, High Frequency, 8th Order Butterworth Lowpass Filter

The LTC®1064-2 is a monolithic 8th order lowpass Butterworth filter, which provides a maximally flat passband. The attenuation slope is ?48dB/octave and the maximum attenuation is in excess of 80dB. An external TTL or CMOS clock programs the filter?s cutoff frequency. The clock to cutoff frequency ratio is 100:1 (Pin 10 at V?) or 50:1 (Pin 10 at V+). The maximum cutoff frequency is 140kHz. No external components are needed.

The LTC1064-2 features low wideband noise and low harmonic distortion even for input voltages up to 3VRMS. In fact the LTC1064-2 overall performance competes with equivalent multiple op amp RC active realizations. The LTC1064-2 is available in a 14-pin DIP or 16-pin surface mounted SW package. The LTC1064-2 is fabricated using LTC?s enhanced analog CMOS Si-gate process.

The LTC1064-2 is pin compatible with the LTC1064-1.

  • 8th Order Filter in a 14-Pin Package
  • 140kHz Maximum Corner Frequency
  • No External Components
  • 50:1 and 100:1 Clock to Cutoff Frequency Ratio
  • 80µVRMS Total Wideband Noise
  • 0.03% THD or Better
  • Operates from ±2.37V to ±8V Power Supplies
Typical Application
LTC1064-2 Typical Application
LTC1064-2 Typical Application
  • Antialiasing Filters
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Tracking High Frequency Lowpass Filters
LTC1064-2 Package Drawing
LTC1064-2 Package Drawing
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