LTC1264-7 - Linear Phase, Group Delay Equalized, 8th Order Lowpass Filter

The cutoff frequency of the LTC1264-7 is tuned via an external TTL or CMOS clock. The clock-to-cutoff frequency ratio of the LTC1264-7 can be set to 25:1 (pin 10 to V+) or 50:1 (pin 10 to V–). When the filter operates at clock-to-cutoff frequency ratio of 25:1, the input is double-sampled to lower the risk of aliasing.

The LTC1264-7 is optimized for speed. Depending on the operating conditions, cutoff frequencies between 200kHz and 250kHz can be obtained. (Please refer to the Passband vs Clock Frequency graphs.)

The LTC1264-7 is pin-compatible with the LTC1064-X series.

  • Steeper Roll-Off Than Bessel Filters
  • High Speed: fC
  • Phase Equalized Filter in a 14-Pin Package
  • Phase and Group Delay Response Fully Tested
  • Transient Response Exhibits 5% Overshoot and No Ringing
  • 65dB THD or Better Throughout a 100kHz Passband
  • No External Components Needed
  • Available in Plastic 14-Pin DIP and 16-Pin SO Wide Packages
Typical Application
LTC1264-7 Typical Application
LTC1264-7 Typical Application
  • Data Communication Filters
  • Time Delay Networks
  • Phase Matched Filters
LTC1264-7 Package Drawing
LTC1264-7 Package Drawing
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