LTC1069-7 - Linear Phase 8th Order Lowpass Filter

The LTC®1069-7 is a monolithic, clock-tunable, linear phase, 8th order lowpass filter. The amplitude response of the filter approximates a raised cosine filter with an alpha of one. The gain at the cutoff frequency is –3dB and the attenuation at twice the cutoff frequency is 43dB. The cutoff frequency of the LTC1069-7 is set by an external clock and is equal to the clock frequency divided by 25. The ratio of the internal sampling frequency to the cutoff frequency is 50:1 that is, the input signal is sampled twice per clock cycle to lower the risk of aliasing. The LTC1069-7 can be operated from a single 5V supply up to dual ±5V supplies. The gain and phase response of the LTC1069-7 can be used in digital communication systems where pulse shaping and channel bandwidth limiting must be carried out. Any system that requires an analog filter with linear phase and sharper roll off than conventional Bessel filters can use the LTC1069-7. The LTC1069-7 has a wide dynamic range. With ±5V supplies and an input range of 0.1VRMS to 2VRMS, the signal-to-(noise + THD) ratio is ≥ 60dB. The wideband noise of the LTC1069-7 is 140μVRMS. Unlike other LTC1069-X filters,> the typical passband gain of the LTC1069-7 is equal to –1V/V. The LTC1069-7 is available in an SO-8 package. Other filter responses with lower power/speed specifications can be obtained. Please contact LTC Marketing.

  • 8th Order, Linear Phase Filter in SO-8 Package
  • Raised Cosine Amplitude Response
  • -43dB Attenuation at 2x fCUTOFF
  • Wideband Noise: 140µVRMS
  • Operates from Single 5V Supply to ±5V Power Supplies
  • Clock-Tunable to 200kHz with ±5V Supplies
  • Clock-Tunable to 120kHz with Single 5V Supply
Typical Application
LTC1069-7 Typical Application
LTC1069-7 Typical Application
  • Digital Communication Filter
  • Antialiasing Filter with Linear Phase
  • Smoothing Filters
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LTC1069-7 - Linear Phase 8th Order Lowpass Filter
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