LTC1066-1 - 14-Bit DC Accurate Clock-Tunable, 8th Order Elliptic or Linear Phase Lowpass Filter

The LTC1066-1 is an 8th order elliptic lowpass filter which simultaneously provides clock-tunability and DC accuracy. The unique and proprietary architecture of the filter allows 14 bits of DC gain linearity and a maximum of 1.5mV DC offset. An external RC is required for DC accurate operation. With ±7.5V supplies, a 20k resistor and a 1µF capacitor, the cutoff frequency can be tuned from 800Hz to 100kHz. A clock-tunable 10Hz to 100kHz operation can also be achieved (see Typical Application section).

The filter does not require any external active components such as input/output buffers. The input/output impedance is 500Mohms/0.1ohms and the output of the filter can source or sink 40mA. When pin 8 is connected to V + , the clock-to-cutoff frequency ratio is 50:1 and the input signal is sampled twice per clock cycle to lower the risk of aliasing. For frequencies up to 0.75fCUTOFF , the passband ripple is µ0.15dB. The gain at fCUTOFF is -1dB and the filter’s stopband attenuation is 80dB at 2.3fCUTOFF . Linear phase operation is also available with a clock-to-cutoff frequency ratio of 100:1 when pin 8 is connected to ground.

The LTC1066-1 is available in an 18-pin SO Wide package..

  • DC Gain Linearity: 14 Bits
  • Maximum DC Offset: ±1.5mV
  • DC Offset TempCo: 7µV/°C
  • Device Fully Tested at fCUTOFF = 80kHz
  • Maximum Cutoff Frequency: 120kHz (VS = ±8V)
  • Drives 1k ohms Load with 0.02% THD or Better
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90dB
  • Input Impedance: 500Mohms
  • Selectable Elliptic or Linear Phase Response
  • Operates from Single 5V up to ±8V Power Supplies
  • Available in an 18-Pin SO Wide Package
Typical Application
LTC1066-1 Typical Application
LTC1066-1 Typical Application
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Anti-Aliasing Filters
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Audio Signal Processing
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DC048ALTC1066-1CSW | 8th Order, DC Accurate, Elliptic or Linear Phase Lowpass Demo Board$75.00
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