LTC1069-6 - Single Supply, Very Low Power, Elliptic Lowpass Filter

The LTC1069-6 is a monolithic low power, 8th order lowpass filter optimized for single 3V or single 5V supply operation. The LTC1069-6 typically consumes 1mA under single 3V supply operation and 1.2mA under 5V operation. The cutoff frequency of the LTC1069-6 is clock tunable and it is equal to the clock frequency divided by 50. The input signal is sampled twice per clock cycle to lower the risk of aliasing. The typical passband ripple is ± 0.1dB up to 0.9fCUTOFF. The gain at fCUTOFF is –0.7dB. The transition band of the LTC1069-6 features progressive attenuation reaching 42dB at 1.3fCUTOFF and 70dB at 2.1fCUTOFF. The maximum stopband attenuation is 72dB. The LTC1069-6 can be clock tuned for cutoff frequencies up to 20kHz (single 5V supply) and for cutoff frequencies up to 14kHz (single 3V supply). The low power feature of the LTC1069-6 does not penalize the device’s dynamic range. With single 5V supply and an input range of 0.4VRMS to 1.4VRMS, the Signal-to- (Noise + THD) ratio is ≥70dB. The wideband noise of the LTC1069-6 is 125μVRMS. Other filter responses with higher speed can be obtained. Please contact LTC Marketing for details. The LTC1069-6 is available in an 8-pin SO package.

  • 8th Order Elliptic Filter in SO-8 Package
  • Single 3V Operation: Supply Current: 1mA (Typ) fCUTOFF: 14kHz (Max) S/N Ratio: 72dB
  • Single 5V Operation:Supply Current: 1.2mA (Typ)fCUTOFF: 20kHz (Max)S/N Ratio: 79dB
  • ±0.1dB Passband Ripple Up to 0.9fCUTOFF (Typ)
  • 42dB Attenuation at 1.3fCUTOFF
  • 66dB Attenuation at 2.0fCUTOFF
  • 70dB Attenuation at 2.1fCUTOFF
  • Wide Dynamic Range, 75dB or More (S/N + THD),Under Single 5V Operation
  • Wideband Noise: 120µVRMS
  • Clock-to-fCUTOFF Ratio: 50:1
  • Internal Sample Rate: 100:1
Typical Application
LTC1069-6 Typical Application
LTC1069-6 Typical Application
  • Handheld Instruments
  • Telecommunication Filters
  • Antialiasing Filters
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Audio
  • Multimedia
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