RF Bipolar Transistors

Part Number
application scopeNumber of CircuitsVCEO (Max)
IC (Max)
fT (Typ.)
|S21|2 (Typ.)
NF (Typ.)
Number of pinsSurface mount package
2SC2714FM band high frequency amplifier1300.020.55232.53Y
2SC4215FM band high frequency amplifier1300.020.552323Y
2SC4915FM band high frequency amplifier1300.020.55232.33Y
2SC5064VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.037121.13Y
2SC5065VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.037121.13Y
2SC5066VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.037121.13Y
2SC5084VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.087111.13Y
2SC5085VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.087111.13Y
2SC5086VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.087111.13Y
2SC5087RVHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.08813.51.14Y
2SC5087VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1120.087131.14Y
2SC5095VHF/UHF band low noise amplifier1100.015107.51.83Y
2SC5107VHF/UHF band oscillator1100.036113Y
2SC5108VHF/UHF band oscillator1100.036113Y
MT3S111PVHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier60.1810.50.953Y
MT3S111TUVHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier60.11012.50.853Y
MT3S111VHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier60.111.5120.93Y
MT3S113PVHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier5.30.17.710.51.153Y
MT3S113TUVHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier5.
MT3S113VHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier5.30.112.511.81.153Y
MT3S16UUHF band amplifier / UHF band oscillator1100.0645.52.43Y
MT3S19RVHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier160.0813.5131.53Y
MT3S20PVHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier1120.087111.453Y
MT3S20TUVHF/UHF band low noise, low distortion amplifier1120.087121.453Y
MT4S03BUVHF/UHF band low noise amplifier150.041291.64Y
MT4S24UVHF/UHF band low noise amplifier150.0514.511.51.554Y
MT4S300UUHF/SHF band low noise amplifier40.0526.516.90.554Y
MT4S301UUHF/SHF band low noise amplifier40.03527.518.10.574Y